4 points to help you to choose the good supplier of furniture light

Customizing furniture light has become the consensus of in furniture lighting industrial, but how to choose the lights are difficult for many people, with countless styles and different prices make you confused, we’ll talk about a few basic ways to choose furniture lighting.

1, Choose brand

This is a simple way, also it is one of the most effective way. Any product with brand awareness is certainly pay attention to its quality, and much time to maintain the brand reputation, the value must be reliable,

So for the wholesale, or distributor, you could find the factory who OEM/ODM for some brand customers,

2, Choose profession

The furniture local lighting is a subdivision of the lighting industry, and be popular in recent years. A good furniture lighting first required solid electronic technology and LED knowledge, and then combines lighting application with furniture design. So furniture lights requires both lighting electronics and basic knowledge of furniture, The stability requirements of furniture lighting are higher than our common home lighting, the main lighting does not look good or broken can be replaced at any time. The furniture interior lighting is not so simple, because the after-sales maintenance of furniture lighting is more complicated, even if a power supply is replaced, it is necessary to dismantle the cabinet.

A worry-free after-sales service is very important,

Choosing a professional furniture local lighting manufacturer is one of the best ways to reduce after-sales service.

3, Choose the strength

Enterprise strength is often reflected in R & D capability, patent quality, production scale, quality control. R & D capability requires time to settle, and cannot be achieved overnight. Enterprises with strong R & D capability generally have a certain history and expertise, The scale of production is the basic guarantee of on-time delivery of large quantities, and the ability to control quality is a comprehensive reflection of the soft and hard strength of an enterprise.

Choose furniture lighting supplier need to check its actual ability in the factory and go to visit the workshop,

4, Choose simple

Furniture light is auxiliary lighting, it is for the items in the cabinet to serve them the warmth, coordination, highlight the lighting and not the light. So simplicity is the basic principle, simple style, simple control, simple installation. The benefits of simplicity are that the custom factory is convenient to produce, quickly installed, the user is easy to use, do not need many instructions documents, save unnecessary user training, open the door to light up, close the door to light off.