The Double 12/24V wardrobe cabinet door IR sensor switch is double door activated and is suitable for work with DC12V/24V Led lighting. It is designed to work with a double cabinet or wardrobe door, by automatically switch a light on and off when either door is opened, the IR Door Sensor With Twin Head switch is available to be recess or surface mounted.

Double door infra red activated switches are used in DC12v/24v Led furniture lighting, when it is installed well on positioning inside a double door cupboard,
the light is on automatic no matter which door is open, the light is off when both doors are closed, the detection range is within 8cm,


  • Voltage: Suitable for 12V or 24V DC power supplies.
  • Max power: DC12V/24V, 60w
  • Drill diameter:Φ 8mm x L 14mm
  • Cable Length: 2 m
  • IP20 Non-Waterproof
  • Sensor Distance: within 8 cm
  • Color is white, and customized finish is available, but have MOQ,
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Package: 1pc/ Plastic Bag with Sticker

Sensor head size

Low voltage door sensor switch size

Mounted: Recess/surface-mounted

  • Surface-mounted: this is easily mounted using the 2 screws and is come with 1000mm of cable, it has to connect with the Led driver.
  • Recess mounted: mounting in the drilled hole, drill hole dia is 8mm.


Suitable for kitchen, cabinets, Wardrobes, any furniture with double doors,


1, What kind of connector is it?
Normally two kinds as below pictures, one is Dupont male and female connectors, another one is 2510,

Dupont male and female connectors
connect 2510

2, How to connect many quantity lights in same wardrobe or cabinet?
There is an extended 4-way junction box and 6-way junction box for choice to connect it,

3, How to solve the question of short cable?
There is an extension cord to connect it.

4, What kinds of voltage Led light could be suitable with this door sensor with a double head?
DC12V/24 Led

5, Is it dimmable?
No, it is non-dimmable