MSP01 Sensor switch led spot light

///MSP01 Sensor switch led spot light
MSP01 Sensor switch led spot light2018-05-09T09:36:53+08:00

Project Description

surface cabinet puck light

surface puck light

 Surfaced  puck light 

ultra-thin with perfect workmanship, surface mount 1.5W provides soft illumination.
Easy Installation, when ambient light is needed this puck light is the perfect choice

Suitable for cabinet, wardrobe, wine rack,book shelf and other local lighting


Rated voltage:12V DC,
Watt: 1.5w
Material: Aluminum, PC
Light color: Yellow/white
Switch: door trigger sensor /touch sensor switch
CCT: 3000K /4000K /6000K
Installation: Surfaced mounted

MSP01 1.5W 12V 120LM 3000K
Ra>80 Φ60*6mm

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