DC12V PIR Motion Detector Sensor Switch For 12v/24v LED light trip

The Low voltage PIR sensor detects movement with a range of 2.5 meters. the lights will switch on automatically when people’s movement is detected and switch off in 30 seconds when nobody is around. this Led lights Motion Detector Sensor Switch / Modular is very suitable for use in cabinet, wardrobe, cupboards, illuminated mirrors, etc, but it has connected with DC12V 24V power supply.


  • Surface / Recess Mounted
  • DC 12v/24v
  • Max power: 60w
  • Size:37x14mm
  • Lighting off time delay: 30 seconds
  • Cable Input: 1.0m (39″)
  • Cable Output: 1.0m (39″) (between the sensor head and LED driver)
  • IP20 Non-Waterproof
  • Sensor distance: 2.5m
  • Mains voltage 240v supply.
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Suitable for use with LED cabinet lights and LED strips


This PIR infra red motion sensor detector is ideally used for lighting in wardrobes, cabinets, pantries, and plinths, compatible with all DC12V led lights,       kitchen plinth lights, 2 x walk-in wardrobes. DIY stair lights, bathroom cabinet lights, turn on when human motion is detected

Mini motion detector dimensions

PIR sensor switch head dimensions

Mounted: Recess/surface-mounted

  • Surface-mounted: this is easily mounted using the 2 screws
  • Recess mounted: mounting in the drilled hole, drill hole dia is 14 mm.
  • PIR motion sensor switch surface mounted
    Low Voltage PIR motion sensor switch recess mounted


1, Can this sensor be located in the shower zone?
This Sensor Switch with PIR Motion Detector is not waterproof,

2, Will this work as a night PIR to turn the lights on the outside only, or will it bring them on in the daytime as well?
It is a PIR so will be active all the time, it is unable to adjust to active it only working at night, this Wardrobe In-cabinet PIR Sensor Switch is not
correct for outdoor light like a floodlight, these are designed for indoor lighting solutions like your bathroom cabinet or wardrobe lighting system.

3, What kind of connector is it?
Normally two kinds as below pictures, one is Dupont male and female connectors, another one is 2510,

4, Is there an up or down to the sensor?
No. the sensor needs to be fitted horizontally when installing on the cabinet side as the sensor beam spreads out like a car headlight. If the lines are not level then the sensor is not as effective.

5, How to connect many quantity lights in the same wardrobe or cabinet?
There is an extended 4-way junction box and 6-way junction box for choice to connect it,

6, How to solve the question of short cable?
There is an extension cord to connect it.

7, What is kinds of voltage Led light could be suitable with this PIR movement sensor switch?
DC12V/24 Led

8, Is it dimmable?
No, it is nondimmable

9, How do I connect this to the led strip light?
First, you have to prepare the Output voltage DC12V /24V power suppler( Led driver), then take the input cable of PIR motion sensor switch to connect the power supply, the output cable connects with 12V / 24 led lights or led trape.

10, How long is the lead to the PIR?
Total 2m, please check below picture

11, What kind of connector is it?
Normally two kinds as below pictures, one is Dupont male and female connectors, another one is 2510,

Dupont male and female connectors
connect 2510