IR swipe sensor switch, Simply swipe your hand past the sensor to activate the lighting on/off

Mouzar’s Infra-Red Swipe On/Off Sensor Switch presents users with a discreet surface mounted for automatic switch on & off of DC12V 24V Led wardrobe cabinet lighting. It has to connect with DC12V 24V Led driver power supply and work by detects hand movement in front of the sensor to control the lights on and off,


  • Sensor type: Swipe hand across to turn on/off the light.
  • Sensor range: 5-8cm
  • Compatible with all DC12V Led lights
  • Size:37x14mm
  • Voltage: Suitable for 12V or 24V DC power supplies.
  • Max Power: 20w/60w
  • Cable Input: 1.0m (39″)
    Cable Output: 1.0m (39″)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White, the customized finish is available, but has MOQ.

Mounted: Recess/surface-mounted

  • Surface-mounted by 2 screws,
  • Recess mount: mounting in the drilled hole, drill hole dia is 14mm.
  • Swipe sensor switch surface mounted
    Swipe sensor switch recess mount

Infra-Red Swipe On/Off Sensor Switch Head Dimensions:

Swipe sensor switch dimensions


1, What kind of connector is it?
Normally two kinds as below pictures, one is Dupont male and female connectors, another one is 2510,

Dupont male and female connectors
connect 2510

2, How to connect many quantity lights in the same wardrobe or cabinet?
There is an extended 4-way junction box and 6-way junction box for choice to connect it,

3, How to solve the question of short cable?
There is an extension cord to connect it.

4, What is kinds of voltage Led light could be suitable with this movement sensor switch?
DC12V/24 Led

5, Is it dimmable?
No, it is non-dimmable