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Our main production focuses on low-voltage 12V/24Vdc Infrared induction switches, providing sensor switches for cabinet lights and other furniture lights.

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The IR sensor switches we provide make furniture lighting installation simpler and more convenient, meeting the needs of more people.

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Why Choose Us?

#1, We’ve been in this industry for 8 years. Back then, cabinet lighting wasn’t getting much attention in China. Many people weren’t aware of it. Because we closely followed the footsteps of domestic furniture manufacturers who began experimenting with integrating lighting into their product lines. This included embedding lights into cabinets, wardrobes, and display cases to enhance product aesthetics and competitiveness.

#2, We specialize exclusively in this niche market, focusing on producing top-notch cabinet lights and switches. Our products evolve in line with market demands, and our current range of switches caters to the majority of lighting needs for furniture.

#3, Quality is assured, with all our products having been in circulation in the market for over 7 years, supplied 30+ customers, validated by time.

#4, Our pricing is fair, benchmarked against similar suppliers in terms of quality, Apple to Apple.

#5, We ensure prompt delivery, typically within 21 days for orders below 2000 units. We usually deliver ahead of schedule and don’t postpone delivery dates.

#6, We benefit from favorable logistics costs by providing the best value logistics available in the market. We have dedicated colleagues responsible for logistics who seek out the most optimal logistics providers in the market, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, and others.


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We provide DC12V/24V sensor switch for led lights, there are two types, one is wireless sensor ,another one comes with wires, such as touch sensor Switch, PIR sensor switch, IR door sensor switch, hand wave sensor switch.

It has worked with power supplies (Input 110V-240V, Output 12V/24Vdc), one connected with power supplied, another connected with led lights.

The switch specifications are 12 volts, 60 watts, and 24 volts, 120 watts. The number of lights that can be controlled depends on the total power of the lights. If the lights are 12 volts, any number of lights can be connected as long as the total power does not exceed 60 watts. If the lights are 24 volts, any number of lights can be connected as long as the total power does not exceed 120 watts. However, the power supply interface usually has 2-pin, 3-pin, or 6-pin configurations.

We primarily manufacture and supply infrared sensor switches, but we also have longstanding partnerships with power supply vendors and LED light suppliers. Because we frequently have customers requesting comprehensive furniture lighting solutions, we also provide corresponding power supplies and LED lights. These include spotlights, profile lights (surface-mounted and recessed installation).

There are typically two installation methods: surface-mounted and recessed installation. Surface-mounted means the switch is directly secured to the surface with screws. Recessed installation involves drilling a hole in the surface the same diameter as the switch, then installing it within the hole. For switches with wires, a common practice is to create an 8mm hole or gap in the surface for wiring. However, for wireless switches, there’s no need for this hassle; they can be installed anywhere.

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