About Us​ -We are low voltage sensor switch manufacturer

Mouzar is a manufacturer specializing in infrared sensor switches for furniture lighting, cabinet lighting, display lighting, and wardrobe lighting. We cater to trade, dealers, and distributors in many countries. Our customer base comprises furniture manufacturers, furniture hardware dealers, cabinet hardware dealers, hotel room renovation, and full-house custom decoration companies.

We offer comprehensive furniture lighting solutions for customers in need, catering to various furniture lighting requirements.

Our product range includes IR sensor switches, under cabinet lights, wardrobe lights and some retail display lights, all equipped with induction switch.

Backed by a technical team comprising industrial experts, we provide support from lighting layouts to installation, assisting you at every stage of your projects.

Factory workshop

Complete QC Management System

From sourcing premium materials suppliers to workshop processing and final quality assurance, we have our own professional team dedicated to adhering to the company’s policies. All inspection procedures are meticulously logged into our quality system.

Our R&R processing standards ensure product repeatability and reproducibility every time.

We offer discontinued management for our customers. As an industrial product, one of the worst scenarios is when a supplier ceases production of a previously offered product without providing any corresponding follow-up service. This can be particularly detrimental after investing significant resources in advertising and sales channel coverage.


With many years of OEM service experience for many customers from lots of countries, we are quite familiar with the test requirements of the market,all of our products are strictly manufactured according to CE, RoHS, and some UL standards.

Welcome any of interest customers to make a field of inspections.

CE EMC certificated
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