Wireless IR Sensor Switches

Low-voltage 12V 24V induction switch, requires no drilling, eliminates the hassle of wiring through wooden boards, offering flexible and convenient installation without location restrictions, commonly used for cabinet lights, wardrobe lights, and other furniture decorative lights, needs to be used with DC 12V 24V power supply.

Wirelee Touch Dimmer

12V/24Vdc Wireless IR Touch Dimmer

Wireless Door sensor

12V/24Vdc Wireless Door Sensor Switch

Wireless hand on/off sensor

IR Wireless Hand On/Off Sensor Switch

Led Wireless Sensor Switch 2 in1

LED Sensor Controller 2in1 (Door&Hand Switch)

Wirelee Touch Dimmer

12V/24Vdc Dual Color Version- Wireless Touch Dimmer

Wireless Door sensor

12V/24Vdc 3pin Wireless Door Sensor Switch

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