How to Choose the Right Motion Sensor Switch for Furniture Lighting

There are four common types of low-voltage sensing switches for furniture lighting, DC12v/24v touch dimming switch, door sensor switch, hand wave sensor switch, and PIR motion sensor switch, each with its own advantages and applications in different scenarios.

1. Touch Dimmer Switch

  • Suitable Scenarios: Primarily used for display cabinets without doors, such as living room display cabinets, room bookcases, etc. Also widely utilized in commercial settings, such as showcasing products in stores.
  • Features: Allows adjusting the brightness of the lights by touch, catering to various environmental needs and providing suitable illumination for displayed items.
touch dimmer 12v 24v

2. Door Control Switch

  • Suitable Scenarios: Mainly used for cabinets and closets with doors, such as in households and hotels. Lights automatically turn on when the door is opened and turn off when it’s closed.
  • Features: Conveniently provides lighting for users, avoiding inconvenience when searching for items inside cabinets, while also saving energy.
LED Door trigger sensor switch
LED Double door sensor switch 12v 24v

3. Hand Wave Switch

  • Suitable Scenarios: Mainly used for under-cabinet lights, kitchen work surfaces, and other areas where frequent switching is required but hands may not be free to touch the switch.
  • Features: Allows simple gestures (like waving a hand) to control the lights, enhancing usability, particularly in places like the kitchen where hands may be occupied.
LED Hand wave sensor switch

4. PIR Motion Sensor Switch

  • Suitable Scenarios: Mainly used for cabinets without doors like walk-in wardrobe and open-display cabinets. Lights automatically turn on when someone approaches and turn off when they leave.
  • Features: Offers smart and convenient lighting without the need for manual operation, saving energy and enhancing usability, especially in areas with frequent movement.
Surface mounted LED PIR motion sensor 12v 24v
12v 24vdc led recessed PIR sensor switch

By selecting and combining these four types of switches appropriately, furniture lighting can be made more intelligent, comfortable, and convenient, meeting the diverse needs of different users.

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